Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have exploded in the past few years and our original approach, we like to call CommuniFunding, is changing lives as well, community by community. Each BeeaBacker local website is actually a fully dedicated platform that is unique to each respective community. Request MORE INFO to see if this may be right for you and how to reserve your area now.






BeeABacker is a super simple, free way for communities to raise money for what matters to most to them. Start a campaign for any cause – whether it be raising money to cover medical expenses, weddings, capital for a new business idea, equipment for a local sports team, tuition money, a charity, anything!














Individuals, organizations or companies simply start a campaign using our campaign builder, then use our great sharing tools to share the campaign with their friends and family, and collect donations from anyone, anywhere. A Community Director is designated for each area and will help create a buzz around the local fundraising campaigns by spreading the word to his/her network, and contacting local business, organizations and community members who might have an interest in backing or helping spread the word. From there, lots of small (and some not so small) donations come in until the goals are met. It really is that easy.